Grimac Mia Coffee Machine Semiprofessional
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Grimac Mia


It is a small sized coffee machine and yet it delivers professional performances of the highest quality. It is manufactured and designed to be used with ground coffee and is suitable for both small communities and the HoReCa market. It is available in an electric version featuring a coffee dose dispenser programmable by means of a keyboard or in a semi-automated one with a nonstop supply regulated by a solenoid valve. Both styles are available either with a 5 litres tank or with a connection to the water supply network. The steam nozzle is loose to make its removal easy. Coffee is supplied thanks to the boiler's heat exchanger and the water heating circuit, the latter allowing for a better coffee extraction. It is possible to install a special device which allows to use the coffee machine with both coffee powder and pods.


More Information
Type de fours et café Machines à café
Height 45 cm
Finish Black, Grey
Fabricant Grimac