Planika Prime Box fireplace
€2,745.00 €2,250.00
Planika Prime Box fireplace W x H x D: 875 mm x 865 mm x 335 mm






Ready to use bio fireplace


PrimeBox is a revolutionary and compact bio fireplace suitable for any space. Its one-piece construction does not require any assembly or installation. For the convenience of use the fireplace can be operated through the intuitive control panel or handheld remote.

PrimeBox does not require chimney or any other hard connection. Importantly, no smoke, smell or ash is produced during the burning process. It is an ideal solution for apartments and other spaces where installation of the traditional fireplace is not possible. Available in silky matte white or black colour, PrimeBox is a great addition to any interior design.

PrimeFire has been successfully tested and certified by OMNI laboratories up to UL Standards.



Technical data

  • Capacity: 2,75 L / [US] 0,7 gal / [UK] 0,6 gal

  • Burning time: 5 h

  • Heat output: 4,0 kW / 13648 BTU

  • Net weight: 37.25 kg / 82 lbs

  • Air circulation: min. 1/h

  • Power supply: 230 V / 115 V


  • Top: black powder coated steel

  • Casing: lacquered MDF colour: white silk matt, black powder coated steel, brushed stainless steel


  • X: 875 mm / 34 7/16"

  • Y: 865 mm / 34 1/16"

  • Z: 335 mm / 13 3/16 "

Recommended fuel

Fanola Premium

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