Planika Lincoln fireplace 1062 mm x 1050 mm x 356 mm
€3,416.00 €2,800.00
Planika Lincoln fireplace 1062 mm x 1050 mm x 356 mm





Traditional bio ethanol fireplace.

Designed to be with you forever.

Planika has recently broadened its offer and is now proud to introduce one of its most recent models – Lincoln – the world’s best plug & play traditional bioethanol fireplace.

As we care about your comfort the most, Lincoln does not require any hard connections and can be installed in places where you thought a fireplace seemed impossible to be arranged. Sold as a single and ready-to-use unit, this traditional bio ethanol fireplace can be installed by the users themselves with no further technical inspection. All you need is an electricity socket. Any additional build-in costs are also eliminated, making Lincoln one of our most affordable units. This elegant piece of furniture will definitely add some charm to your apartment!


Lincoln is an alternative model that retains features of a bioethanol unit, but looks like classic fireplace. It combines the most advanced technology and attractive appearance which makes it an ideal alternative to traditional fireplaces. In addition, this intelligent fireplace is equipped with a remote control that allows you to control the device without getting up from the sofa!




● BEV* Technology

● Floor standing

● No smell / no ash / no smoke

● Remote controllable

● Advanced safety sensors

● Automatic shutdown in case of errors

 ● Child lock

● Advanced microprocessor

● Diode display

● Control panel

● Intuitive control

● 2 levels of fl ame height

● Bigger external fuel tank

● Easy installation

● No additional installation

● No additional ventilation required

● No fl ue system required

● Plug & play fi replace

● Ceramic glass

● Decorative ceramic logs and pebbles

● Integrated automatic fuel pump

● For indoor use



  • Capacity: 10 L / [US] 2,64 gal / [UK] 2,2 gal

  • Burning time: 17 - 22 h

  • Heat output: 2,5-3,1 kw / 8600 - 10512 BTU/h

  • Net weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs

  • Air circulation: min. 1/h

  • Minimum room size: please contact our Project Department for details

  • Power supply: 230 V / 115 V

  • Finish: Fireplace building fi nish: MDF lacquered polyurethane RAL 9003, Steel elements fi nish: stenotherm lacquer-UHT 600 mat similar to RAL 7015

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