Mutina Folded 60x60 Tiles
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Mutina Folded by Raw Edges

this is ... Folded

The idea is to reproduce the effect of folded paper on ceramics, an ancient material with so many characters and features, such as the ability to be cast into such unexpected forms and shapes thus it could be elusive and even deceiving. A challenge for Raw-Edges who have already experimented with this very fragile, delicate and thin material. As a visual reference, they were inspired by the old repetitive tile patterns that were very common (and still are) in old apartments in TelAviv from the 50’ and 60’, and which play with color alternation. Raw Edges, original from Israel, have attempted to achieve the repetitiveness and its intrinsic charm through folded lines only.

production    industrial
materialhomogeneous porcelain stoneware. Smooth surface without any reflection as softly brushed.
featuressquared and rectified slabs each one exatly the same as the others
thickness10 mm



raw edges

Both born in Tel Aviv in 1976, Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay studied at the Bezalel Art & Design Academy in Jerusalem before moving to London. After obtaining a diploma from the Royal College of Art in 2006, they founded the Raw Edges Design Studio. Yael likes to fold slim layers of all sorts of material as if they were paper, creating curved volumes and functional forms, while Shay has a passionate interest in a world where things move, function and interact. These two different approaches come together to create a series of original projects, characterised by a keen sensitivity towards the environment. 2009 was an important year: in addition to the Elle Decoration International Design Award for Stack by Established & Sons, in the Furniture section, at Design Miami/Basel the duo received the Designers of the Future Award 2009. They work with a number of international brands and producers, such as Arco, Cappellini, Bauhaus Ceramic Japan, Established & Sons and Stella McCartney.

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Type Tiles
Manufacturer Mutina