Mutina Déchirer decor 60x60 Tiles
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Mutina déchirer decor by patricia urquiola

this is ... déchirer

A highly innovative collection, not only for the patterns and textures, but also for the production system. Thanks to the CONTINUA technology, large slabs of the latest generation unglazed homogeneous porcelain stoneware are produced. Press-finished with 12 mm thickness, the tiles are perfectly rectified, single-work size and modular. The colours and decorations, based on rich and pleasing ceramic effects, are simply obtained by the distribution of quality porcelain stoneware mixtures. The technical features are far superior to the limits required by international standards for tiles destined to heavy traffic areas. Déchirer is available in a 9 colours palette - Bianco, Nero, Grigio, Ecrù and Piombo in the textures Decor and Neutral

Respect for nature is the main characteristic of the collection, which ensures the respect for the environment: the basic mixture used for the slabs contains 20% recycled raw materials, calculated as percentage by weight (pre-consumer recycled material) in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14021:2002 Environmental label and declarations- (Type II environmental labelling) and LEED for New Construction & Major Renovations Rating System version 2.2-October 2005 (Green Building Council Italia – GBC e USGBC – U.S. Green Building Council). The CONTINUA technology used to produce Déchirer constitutes a radical innovation of the production process: • Substantial amounts of energy are saved when compared to a traditional system, and this is achieved by reducing the daily consumption of energy • Much less space for technical equipment is needed 
• the environmental impact due to emissions from gas is well below the limits recommended by the European Union 
• enamel is totally absent and a sewage treatment plant is employed to minimize thewater consumption by recycling the water used during all the stages of sanding and grinding 
• all processing waste is recycled: 90% is “raw pre-compacting” material which is immediately reintroduced into the production cycle at the plant, while the remaining 10% is “cooked” material which is returned to the raw material supplier who recycles it again by atomizing it. The Sidepack packaging (patented) requires the use of small quantities (about one quarter of the quantity normally used in traditional packaging) of completely recyclable and free of glue cardboard. These characteristics have allowed the plant where Déchirer is produced to obtain the environmental certification ISO 14001:2004. Déchirer glass, recycled glass mosaic, is produced with an innovative manufacturing process with “zero” environmental impact and a 40% re-use of the raw material.

patricia urquiola

“My professional career began in Italy, influenced by towering figures such as Bruno Munari, the intellectual founding father of the Milan school. However, I consider myself very much a Spaniard, or rather an Asturian of Basque descent”. This is how Patricia defines herself. Born in Oviedo in 1961, she trained at the Polytechnic Universities of Madrid and Milan. In Milan she worked with Vico Magistretti and Achille Castiglioni before opening her own studio there in 2001. She alternates product design projects for major international companies – from Alessi to B&B Italia, Moroso, De Padova, Rosenthal and Axor, to mention but a few – with architecture projects for private homes, hotels and showrooms. Patricia’s work has earned her numerous international awards: the Wallpaper Design Awards in 2006, Elle Decoration International Design Award, Designer of the Year for the first time in 2003 and several times also in the following years, as in 2009 with Mutina Déchirer collection. Her creations, among which Déchirer, have been also selected for ADI Design Index and The International Design Yearbook. In 2011 receives the prestigious award of the Spanish Government Medalla de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes 2010.


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