Miele Washing Machine WKR771 WPS
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Miele Free-standing WKR771 WPS


WKR771 WPS PWash 2.0 & tdos XL

W1 front loading washing machine
Con9,0 kg and SteamCare, excellent cleaning and ironing half the time.
When you have a lot to wash: 9.0 kg load
Unable to get clean clothes in less time: QuickPowerWash
The best liquid detergent with a key: TwinDos
better treatment - honeycomb basket heated

The best liquid detergent with a button
A clean never seen before! automatic dosing with the revolutionary two-phase system or other liquid detergents.

allow to dose special detergents, fabric softener and additive with the single doses.

Option 1 Stains
Choice of up to 23 types of stains: the appliance adjusts the wash program and gives advice on the display.

Tested to last 20 years3
unique quality: Miele, with its extensive testing, ensures extra long service.

Quickpower Wash
fast and thorough cleaning: clean underwear in less than an hour.

PowerWash 2:02
To wash small loads quickly and particularly efficient in terms of energy ..

Basket in Heat honeycomb *
perfect linen in less time: the rapid Board option or Steam smoothing relaxes the leaders already in the basket.

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