InoxStyle Shower Column Sole 48 M Beauty
€2,269.20 €1,860.00
Shower Column Sole 48 M Beauty


Stainless steel Shower AISI 316L (marine grade steel), manual polishing, Nautical level quality, Mixer, Stainless steel shower head Beauty dia 225 mm (AISI304), Visible mounting

An object created for those who love technical design, purists of space, and those who appreciate the sober charm of essentiality. Sole 48 is a shower synonymous with modernity, an element that fills the field of action in a dynamic way. Built from a circular piece of stainless steel, Sole 48 is characterized by its reduced footprint.


  • Main body diameter 48 mm, height 235 cm, shower head height 210 cm

  • Shower body made of marine-grade stainless steel AISI 316L

  • Multiple process, nautical-grade manual polishing

  • TIG welded (tungsten inert gas), single body unit

  • Internal faucet body with no visible screws

  • 1/2'' water inlets from below with quick-connect fittings

  • Shower head with anti-scale and anti-obstruction silicone rubber

  • Inoxstyle special warranty on corrosion: 10 years on the main body


  • Mixer (hot/cold water)

  • Stainless steel shower head Beauty dia 225 mm (AISI304)

  • Exposed fastening with stainless steel lug nuts, specifically made for installation on cement or pavement

  • Floor water inlet

More Information
Bathroom Fittings Shower Column
Finish Stainless steel
Manufacturer Inoxstyle