Dim'ora SP4 electric fireplace without chimney
€2,701.08 €2,214.00
Dim'ora SP4 electric fireplace without chimney (L964mm-H603mm-P603mm)



The series of electric fireplaces is studied to obtain a high thermal efficiency combined with aesthetic features important that give a touch of elegance to any room.

The heat is released from the flames adjustable. It is not necessary the presence the chimney.

In the world of fireplaces, electric ones are real typically objects of furniture, modern, classic, minimalist, which do not normally do hot, but they can also get to 2KW  

power supply some models.

Are often used inplaces where it is not possible make traditional fireplaces or gas in apartments, very often in yacht and in rooms hotel.

They are particularly suitable for a home automation management of the house.

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Manufacturer Dim'ora
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